Pioneer of China Tourism

As the pioneer of China tourism consultancy, Sundo provides “Consultation & Management + Brand communication & Design + Public relation marketing + Media planning & Communication, a whole package of professional services. After ten years’ development from 2002, Sundo has established six branch companies in Orlando, USA, Beijing, Harbin, Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Wuhan. Sundo Aspires to be the No. 1 of China Tourism consultancy. 

Client is always the center of our service

As the pioneer of China tourism consultancy, Sundo advises at different stages of project: preparation, opening, operation. From market research, brand strategy, vision creativity, media relationship to interactive marketing, Sundo supplies comprehensive and professional integrated solutions. Our clients include Tianjin Sea World. Rice Cube, Qingdao Sea Carnival, Dalian Laohutan Resort, Dalian Shengya Sea World, Harbin Polar Museum and other leading tourism brands.  


From CEO

Ten years’ experience in China tourism, we witness the up and down of this industry and we are very lucky to greet the promising future of China tourism. We are also one of the witnesses of Haichang Group, a leading brand in China theme park, going to pulic. 

This is a brand-new era, tourism is getting popular. Sundo understands that it is significant to have international views. At 2013, Sundo Orlando branch company was founded. We also signed Paramount and Ronald Logan, the founder of Disney theater as Sundo consultants. It is an important step for Sundo after ten years development. Introducing the international tourism trend, Sundo would like to progress with our clients and step into the international tourism stage. 

Sundo advocates consultancy from experience perspective and win-win strategy. With deep insight, integration, and executable plan, Sundo opens the new era of tourism from perspective of experiencers, consumers and whole society.